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$100 Million Dollar Rain

$100 Million Dollar Rain

WDA speaks with Emma Elsom on the impacts of the amount of rain the past few days

Chris Souness, Wimmera Development Association Executive Director, speaks with Emma Elsom on the impacts of the wonderful rain we've had in the past few days in the Wimmera and how the roll on effect from a fantastic harvest will benefit the local economy greatly.

"Last nights rain is worth at least $100 Million dollars to the region. Increased crop hay and pasture production.

25 mm in one day occurs less than 1 in 10 years and this combined with favourable winter rain has meant our region will receive a big boost

Happy to discuss if you want to call me on my mobile. Also sure you could get a few local identities in farming and agricultural services industries to highlight the benefits to their business in a year with plenty of tough stories

Was checking my numbers with some people I have known from past work situations and this was our best estimates"

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Full interview between Emma Elsom and Chris Souness, WDA Executive Director

3WM, MIXX FM & TWA · WDA speaks with Emma Elsom about the amount of rain in recent days

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